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Oil-wax combination that leaves an open, breathing and diffusive surface finish. Due to the wax content, a uniform matt, velvety surface is produced. With MAGIC OIL 2K, thanks to the hardener component, very rapid

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Würzburg, 01.03.2011 - The wood flooring machine for professionals


Only an expert knows what an expert needs. PALLMANN, the complete flooring brand for the wood flooring installers, therefore also supplies machines which offer impressive performance suitable for all needs. This applies particularly to the wood flooring sanding machine PALLMANN COBRA, which sets new standards in efficiency, ergonomic design and quality.

Efficient working
In comparison to conventional wood flooring sanding machines the PALLMANN COBRA has been designed in such a way that it makes effective use of its full 190mm sanding width. This is achieved through an automated tension roller ensuring that abrasive belt always runs in the correct position to enable the user to achieve maximum efficient performance per area.
The machine weighs 89 kg, it is not a lightweight. It is marked by unusually quiet operation and rewardingly even sanding result. In addition, PALLMANN COBRA can be dismantled in very little time into manageable components, which can then be easily carried. Easy disassembly of shaft, motor and casing result in convenient and space saving transportation. There is also no need to invest in complementary devices, such as a connector for an external dust vacuum cleaner, as this has been integrated into the machine.

Easy handling
PALLMANN COBRA outperforms other conventional machines of the same category through ease of use. It helps make the standard working day less arduous by perfectly adjusting to the ergonomic needs of the user. The positioning of the handles, height, illumination of the wood flooring area, smooth lowering and the well arranged control panel add to the convenience of working with the PALLMANN COBRA.  For example, the roller tilt setting facilitates a convenient and secure roller position. The high of the shaft handel can be individually adjusted to nine different positions. This improves a visibility of the area in front of the machine and allows and ensures an ergonomically upright working position for everybody. The control panel is organized so that all switches are in a easy reach without any change of the ergonomic work position.

Convincing Quality and Performance
Durable and proven technology from FRANK-Tec sits at the heart of the machine and enables the COBRA to operate with an emphasis on high speed and performance, thanks to the powerful 2.5KW engine. Another advantage of this machine is that it is possible to finely adjust the abrasion pressure of the sanding roller to the requirements of the floor. Powerful performance, but with less noise, is achieved through the enclosed housing of the COBRA motor.
Taking into account all these features and high specification it can be concluded that the PALLMANN COBRA is a wood flooring sanding machine for the next generation, with a focus on efficiency, operating comfort and of course quality.