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Oil-wax combination that leaves an open, breathing and diffusive surface finish. Due to the wax content, a uniform matt, velvety surface is produced. With MAGIC OIL 2K, thanks to the hardener component, very rapid

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Würzburg, 14.01.2015 - CLEANING SET for quick, simple, cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors


The wood floor specialist PALLMANN introduces the CLEAN & GO CLEANING SET for simple and quick cleaning and maintenance of sealed and oiled wood floors. This set has been developed for the end user and offers excellent opportunities to actively engage with the clients on a long term basis and therefore forms an interesting complimentary business.

The CLEAN & GO CLEANING SET is comprised of a four-part wet mop, a 0.75 litres spray bottle filled with a ready-to-use wood floor cleaner, a micro fibre cleaning cloth, a micro fibre dust cloth and an information brochure to provide guidance on the cleaning and care regime for wood floors. The cleaning and maintenance set can also be used on other floor surfaces like laminate, cork, linoleum or natural stone or artificial/ composite stone floors.
For the effective presentation within shop floors and similar spaces PALLMANN provides a completely equipped and easy to place display containing 32 cleaning sets and additional individual components from the set if restocking is required.
PALLMANN offers with the CLEAN & GO CLEANING SET a fantastic opportunity for every wood floor and floor professional to actively engage with their customers. This not only forges long standing relationships but could grow into a profitable complementary business.