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Oil-wax combination that leaves an open, breathing and diffusive surface finish. Due to the wax content, a uniform matt, velvety surface is produced. With MAGIC OIL 2K, thanks to the hardener component, very rapid

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Würzburg, 23.11.2016 - PALLMANN at the BAU 2017 in Munich

PALLMANN presents 2-component woodfloor lacquers for the highest demands

The woodfloor specialist PALLMANN underlines its woodfloor expertise with high-quality 2-component woodfloor lacquers. The centerpiece of the presentation in Munich will be the 2-component woodfloor lacquer PALL-X 98 GOLD, which, since its successful development and its coronation last year, has impressed woodfloor contractors in Germany and around the world. Thanks to intensive development work, PALLMANN has been able to further improve the lacquer in decisive properties such as levelling, easy application and rapid drying. In the area of 2K woodfloor lacquers PALLMANN also scores with the new PALL-X PURE, which provides a trendy raw wood optics and with the completely solvent-free PALL-X ZERO for the highest demands in terms of interior air quality. The woodfloor sanding machine PALLMANN SPIDER, which can be tested on the stand in Munich, ensures a perfect finish.


PALLMANN BAU 2017 Press Release PDF, 856 kb   download