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The right product for wood floors …

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Oil-wax combination that leaves an open, breathing and diffusive surface finish. Due to the wax content, a uniform matt, velvety surface is produced. With MAGIC OIL 2K, thanks to the hardener component, very rapid

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Ulm, 30.01.2015 - Pallmann at the BAU 2015 in Munich

Reaching the goal with Pallmann Turbo

Whether different wood flooring varnishing systems, machines for wood flooring or the marketing initiative "Parkettprofi" – the wood flooring professional ‒ the Pallmann brand presents new ways and approaches at the BAU in Munich from 19 to 24 January 2015 on how wood flooring installers can reach their goals in the busy everyday life on the job in the best and quickest manner. In addition to four other avenues to the perfect parquet floor, the Pallmann Turbo System will be center stage at the trade fair. It offers correlated products permitting quick wood flooring construction.

Regardless whether fast, solvent-free, resistant, economic or naturally, the wood flooring specialist Pallmann presents five ways to the perfect wood floor at the BAU 2015. Whatever requirements are posed to the craftsman, Pallmann demonstrates the right approach with the respective system construction – from the suitable adhesive to the matching surface treatment. After all, each customer has different needs and demands.

For ecologically conscious people, Pallmann with the Zero System offers a varnishing system for wood floors subjected to heavy traffic which works completely without solvents. The Strong System with the 2-component wood flooring varnish Pall-X 98 is recommended for areas subjected to extreme loads. The Natural System approach utilises the Magic Oil 2-component product which allows for a breathable and open-pored surface. The Eco System is the right avenue for everybody looking for an economic solution for long-lasting wood flooring.

The fast approach – the Pallmann Turbo System

The Turbo System will be the focus at the Pallmann exhibit in Munich. ... because speed is often a decisive factor when installing and varnishing wood flooring surfaces. The system includes the solvent-free 2-component PUR wood flooring adhesive Pallmann P9 with shearing strength according to DIN EN 14293. The water-based 1-component wood flooring primer Pall-X 325 also belongs to the Turbo System. It is easy to work, possesses excellent filling properties and is well suited for ground wood flooring and wooden floors. The water-based 1-component wood flooring varnish Pall-X 96 completes the rapid construction. Pall-X 96 has been happily used for almost 20 years by wood flooring installers in all areas of application with its extremely fast drying and high wear resistance. The water-based 1-component wood flooring varnish is suitable for wood flooring exposed to heavy traffic in residential and commercial areas, e.g. in schools, offices and business showrooms. It can be easily processed and features good resistance against high mechanical and chemical stress. The Turbo System is the ideal means for contractors and also the end user since it keeps downtimes at a minimum and can therefore be used ideally when time pressure is involved.

The fast approach – the Pallmann machines for wood flooring
Pallmann machines help perfectly create the fast way to the finished wood flooring. Parquet professionals can convince themselves about the latest machine technology by attending the live demo of the wood flooring sanding machines. Amongst others, visitors can test the dust class-certified wood flooring sanding machine Pallmann Cobra themselves. In addition, the small, extremely flexible edge sanding machine Pallmann Gecko Flex is available for testing. It is perfectly suited for grinding staircases and edge zones.

Quickly reaching customers – the "Parkettprofi" marketing initiative for the wood flooring professional

The "Parkettprofi" marketing initiative will also be presented at the Pallmann booth. The responsible staff presents the interesting results of an end user survey focusing on the preferences and needs of the end users under the heading "Understanding customers – Inspiring customers". As a result, new advertising media and other opportunities will be presented to better understand and reach the end users.


PALLMANN BAU 2015 Press Release PDF, 821 kb   download  
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